Appcues Pricing Explained — Should You Choose The Essentials or Growth Plan?

Appcues has 3 main pricing plans: Essentials, Growth and Enterprise. The lowest plan costs exactly the same as Userpilot’s lowest plan ($249 per month paid annually, or $299 paid monthly) but there’s a catch — it doesn’t include the same features!

Appcues plans limit the use of basic features in the “Essentials” plan so much so that it’s really essentials only.

If you want to use Appcues to drive Product Led Growth, you will need to pay $10,548 upfront for the Growth plan, which is annual-only.

If you’re not ready for that kind of commitment — Userpilot offers a much more generous feature package for just $299 per month.

In this post, we’ll dive deep into Appcues’ pricing plans and see which is the most appropriate for what kind of use case and user persona.


  • Appcues pricing is divided into three plans: Essentials for $249, Growth for $879, and Enterprise with custom pricing.
  • The Essentials plan, while affordable, has limited features as is mostly suited for startups that are just starting out.
  • You can’t build more than five user segments or create onboarding checklists on the Essentials plan.
  • If you want to get the best out of the Appcues tool for building personalized user onboarding and for product adoption, you’ll need to upgrade to the $879/mo plan.
  • Appcues prices their plan based on features while Userpilot uses MAUs to determine the cost.
  • The Appcues Essential plan is best for small SaaS businesses or startups with less than 2,500 MAUs and few segments.
  • There are better Appuces alternatives out there where you can get more value for your money.
  • You can get access to more features at the price of the Appcues Essentials plan with Userpilot.
  • With access to all Userpilot’s features (even in its cheaper plan) product managers can build highly customized user onboarding experiences for different users and monitor user behavior and interaction with your product. Get a demo and learn more.

What is Appcues?

Appcues is one of the oldest user onboarding and digital adoption platforms. They’re responsible for introducing the SaaS world to tools we use today (checklists and the likes) in building in-app experiences.

While a good tool for mid-market SaaS companies, they lack certain features, UI patterns, and actions that you can get in other tools (including Userpilot).

It’s also very expensive if you’ll need more than five user segments, access to custom events, or goal tracking. However, Appcues allows more integrations and has a nicer UI than Userpilot.

So at the end of the day, your choice of software adoption tool depends on your top priorities!

We wrote more about Appcues in our previous post on Appcues alternatives.

Source: Appcues

Appcues Pricing Plans

Appcues has 3 pricing plans: Essentials, Growth, and Enterprise.

The Essentials plan costs $249/mo paid annually, growth is $879/mo paid annually, and Enterprise has custom pricing.

The plans are not only based on your number of MAUs (Monthly Active Users) but are also limited by features available in each plan. And sadly — the limitations are so big the Essentials plan does not allow you to create any serious product adoption/growth experiences or experiments.

Appcues pricing plans
Source: Appcues

Appcues’ Essentials plan vs. Growth plan — what’s the difference?

Differences in Appcues pricing plans
Source: Appcues

Appcues pricing starts at $249 for 2,500 MAUs in the Essentials plan.

However, this Essential plan limits your feature use to:

  • five user segments
  • 10 goals
  • 10 custom events
  • no checklists
  • no launchpad (similar to an in-app guide)
  • no custom CSS
  • standard integrations only
Features in Appcues Essentials Plan
Source: Appcues

This means that if you want to use any analytics or personalize your customer onboarding by segmenting users into various groups, you will need to upgrade to the growth plan, and pay $879 x 12 months upfront!

That’s $ 10,548 to use all of the available features.

Appcues Essentials plan also doesn’t include onboarding checklists which are key for building good user onboarding experiences.

You can however find them in Userpilot for $249/mo paid annually or $299/mo paid monthly.

Userpilot’s pricing
Source: Userpilot

The essentials plan has three user licenses (meaning only 3 members of your product team have access to it). The growth plan, on the other hand, has 10 user licenses.

The Appcues Essentials Plan includes only 10 click-to-track events (Userpilot offers 25 of them for the same price, they are called “feature tags”).

These are essentially custom events you can track without engaging any dev resources — by highlighting things on the frontend.

This is an example of feature tagging in Userpilot:

Feature tagging
Source: Userpilot

You also cannot customize the look of experiences in your product because the essentials plan doesn’t offer custom CSS.

You’ll have to rely on templates to build what you can, which means you will not always be able to achieve the perfect brand look.

No custom CSS in the Essentials Appcues pricing
Source: Appcues

Appcues Essentials plan — who is it right for?

Since this plan is quite limited, it’s best for smaller startups or companies who don’t need any customizations and want to onboard users in a simple way.

If you have few user segments (less than 5 preferably) and 500–2,500 MAUs then Appcues Essentials Plan is a good fit.

If you still want a really basic onboarding flow but have less than 500 users, one of the Appcues alternatives that‘s a good choice is Intercom’s Product Tours. It’s also cheap at $49/month.

However, once you exceed the 500 user mark, the price increases greatly.

Appcues Essentials plan — who is it NOT appropriate for?

The Appcues Essentials plan isn’t for you if:

  • You want to do proper, continuous onboarding for your users with multiple user segments and custom events.
  • You want to do fully interactive onboarding flows and walkthroughs — you will need a lot of custom events for that.
  • You want to leverage your Product Growth platform to achieve product led-growth through upsells.

What are the cheaper alternatives to the Appcues Growth plan?

We are not talking only about cheaper Appcues alternatives, but tools that offer more value for the money.


Userpilot offers a better and more cost-effective alternative to the Appcues Growth Plan. It’s a complete product adoption tool that helps SaaS companies build better product experiences, from improving the customer onboarding experience for new users to increasing product usage for existing users.

It is a no-code platform and does not require technical knowledge.

At $249/month, you get unlimited access to all features like hotspots, tooltips, and can also build contextual and behavior-specific onboarding experiences.

It helps you monitor user interaction with your product with features like in-app surveys to collect feedback and NPS surveys to gauge user satisfaction.

Userpilot helps companies show the right messages, at the right time, to the right people.

This helps improve user experience, increase customer activation rates, and push secondary feature adoption rates.

Who is Userpilot most suitable for:

Userpilot is best for mid-market SaaS companies with a product team. It’s affordable and fully equipped to meet your product needs.

Userpilot is also suitable for enterprise clients. The Enterprise Plan at $749/month comes with bespoke Service Level Agreements and is SOC 2 Type II certified, offering SSO and multi-user accounts. However, if you require enterprise-level integrations with Salesforce or Hubspot, you may want to wait or go with any of the Userpilot alternatives.

For really small startups, however, Userpilot may not be your best choice. If you’re on a tight budget and don’t have anyone on your product team to run your onboarding and product adoption experiences, you may find Userpilot’s plans a bit much more than you can manage. A cheaper and more basic tool is recommended.

Top use cases for Userpilot

  • New user onboarding for SaaS companies. Userpilot lets you build fully interactive walkthroughs which you can personalize for different user segments.
Userpilot’s walkthroughs
Source: Userpilot
  • Secondary or continuous user onboarding. This is for existing or active users, it helps them understand and adopt new features.
  • Onboarding checklists. This helps users keep track of their onboarding tasks/progress.
  • In-app micro surveys for collecting user feedback and for segmenting users.
User segmentation
Source: Userpilot
  • NPS surveys. These are used for collecting Net Promoter Score which is an indication of how many of your users are likely to recommend your product to others.
Userpilot’s NPS surveys
Source: Userpilot
  • User analytics. You can see how your users engage with the features of your product and your in-app experiences such as how many of them complete certain goals you’ve set for them over a period of time, where they drop out in the funnels, etc.
  • User segmentation. You can segment your users into different groups using demographic data, survey responses, in-app behavior, custom events, user and event attributes, and a lot more!
Build multiple customer segments with Userpilot
Source: Userpilot
  • Resource centers. Create resource centers that host help documents, video tutorials, knowledge-based articles, and many more relevant resources to help your users.
Resource Center
Source: Userpilot

Setting up Userpilot

Userpilot is easy to use and also easy to set up. All you need to do is download the chrome extension and paste one line of Javascript code into your app.

You may also require the assistance of your developer/dev team in passing custom events and user attributes.

Other than that, creating experiences in Userpilot is 100% code-free.

Price and value for money

Userpilot is a good spend of your money because not only is it affordable (starting at $249/mo), but it doesn’t restrict or limit you.

You get access to every single feature and unlimited segmentations in Userpilot regardless of the payment plan.

This is unlike Appcues or other product adoption tools which limit features for cheaper plans.

Userpilot’s plan only increases based on your number of monthly active users (MAUs), never by features available.

Try Userpilot for free now!


Appcues pricing model being limited by features makes it a turn off especially if you don’t have a lot to spend to access important elements needed to build a good product experience.

Userpilot’s pricing is the same as the Appcues Essential plan and provides you with even more benefits than you’ll with that plan. This makes it a better spend of your budget.

Want to see Userpilot’s benefits for yourself? Get a Userpilot demo and see how you can build a code-free and simple product experience.



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