• Giovana Ansoain

    Giovana Ansoain

  • Brandon Kindred

    Brandon Kindred

    Entrepreneur & computer science nerd that is passionate about AI, robotics, & startup life. Currently focused on improving UX processes at https://Look-see.com

  • Lucy Ramplin

    Lucy Ramplin

  • Mahidhar K

    Mahidhar K

    A Product Manager with Porter; Interested in Mathematics, philosophy and trekking.

  • Edmar Miyake

    Edmar Miyake

  • Amro Abuhassan

    Amro Abuhassan

  • Anil Nandibhatla

    Anil Nandibhatla

    A vivid learner passionate to talk about IT Service Management, Six Sigma, Project Management, Agile Methodologies, Scrum and Devops

  • Priyanka Sadhukhan

    Priyanka Sadhukhan

    I obsess about stuff in this order: poetry, science & applied math, cinema, everything else between heaven and earth.

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