Teresa Torres, Ramli John, Carlos González de Villaumbrosia. Deep Innovation, Killing Features & the Challenges in Product in 2021. Product Drive 2.0 is coming!

“Invite Teresa Torres. But she won’t agree to speak” — My manager told me in February 2020, one month into my adventure with Userpilot. I was only just starting to think about the first edition of Product Drive. A second later, I was frantically Googling “Teresa Torres”. Yup, she won’t agree to speak for us — I decided. So I didn’t even dare to try asking her.

A lot of Product Education, changes, growth, and 2,200 participants (yup, that’s how many we had on the first edition of Product Drive!) later — guess what. I finally mustered up the courage to invite Teresa Torres to share her wisdom with us.

And she said yes!

So ladies and gents — here’s Product Drive 2.0.!

Product Drive 2021 Speaker Lineup
Product Drive 2021 Speaker Lineup

Teresa Torres is not the only big name on the Product Drive lineup this year. Other notable speakers include:

…and many, many more! Go check out the lineup to listen to and connect with our 25 amazing speakers.

Product Drive Categories
Product Drive Categories

This year, we have divided the topics of presentations into six exciting categories:

…so every product person can find something that suits their interest!

Live webinars Product Drive
Live webinars Product Drive

On top of traditional presentations, we also decided to include a more interactive formula this year: live workshops.

Our product experts will be running 5 live workshops to give you actionable help with the following aspects of product marketing and management:

Last but not least — we will be live-commenting on the talks and chatting with our speakers in our Facebook Group, Product Marketing & Growth.

On 6 October 2021, we will host a virtual ‘afterparty’ Speed Dating style — you will be matched with each of the participating speakers/attendees you choose to connect with for a 5-minute live chat.

Don’t hesitate — the seats on the workshops are limited to 10 participants, so sign up now to secure yours!

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