• Giovana Ansoain

    Giovana Ansoain

  • Mahidhar K

    Mahidhar K

    A Product Manager with Porter; Interested in Mathematics, philosophy and trekking.

  • Edmar Miyake

    Edmar Miyake

  • Amro Abuhassan

    Amro Abuhassan

  • Priyanka Sadhukhan

    Priyanka Sadhukhan

    I obsess about stuff in this order: poetry, science & applied math, cinema, everything else between heaven and earth.

  • Ebosetale Jenna Oriarewo

    Ebosetale Jenna Oriarewo

    Content Strategist. Ux Writer. I love food, SaaS and sweet red wine.

  • Siavash Mohseni

    Siavash Mohseni

    Product Lead, Interested in products that solve an actual problem.

  • Usina de UX

    Usina de UX

    Product Management for daydreamers. I truly believe: design is not about me or my portfolio. Is about the people that i’m designing for.

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